Meet Erin Merrick

Fiction and fitness

“I made a New Year’s resolution to read one book per month,” explains Erin. Four months into the year, she finds herself running a bit behind, but is still glad she took on the challenge. “I prefer fiction to keep me interested,” she comments; though she is getting a good variety that includes nonfiction as well. One of her recent reads was Educated by Tara Westover, whose unconventional upbringing delayed her first day of school till age 17, but with perseverance she was able to eventually complete a PhD at Cambridge. “I think they should make it into a docuseries,” says Erin. She also likes stories with a crime theme—she’s currently reading a murder mystery, and TV crime shows are her go-to for screen time.

Like many of us, the past year has put a damper on Erin’s social life, so she’s had to try and stay connected virtually. “And unfortunately, the gym in my building has closed,” she laments, “but I’m trying to keep active with walks outside at lunchtime and by doing my yoga whenever I can. “I also love to clean,” admits Erin. Don’t we all wish we could say that?

Gnocchi with a carafe of Chianti?

“I really like cooking, and Italian is my favourite cuisine,” says Erin. She doesn’t claim to be a great cook, though she does make her own gnocchi, which is pretty impressive. When the restaurants are open, she also enjoys sampling the menus at Toronto eateries, with Sotto Sotto, Café Nervosa and La Palma (you have to try their 100-layer lasagna) being favoured spots.

Of course, nothing tops off a meal like a nice glass of red wine. “I would love to be a sommelier,” imagines Erin. “It would be a very cool job and I happen to really like my wine.” Asked if she could make anything an Olympic sport, she likes the idea of entering a wine drinking competition. Even the tryouts would be worthwhile.

Travel, some day…

When she’s able, Erin enjoys getting away, and New York City is a favourite place to visit. “I’ve been able to stay with a friend there, but the city is otherwise very expensive,” she notes. “I really like Brooklyn, and every borough has its own culture and ecosystem. Central Park is also amazing – I have to go there every time I’m in New York and I still wind up seeing new things.” Erin’s future travel list includes more distant destinations and, not surprisingly, Italy is among them. What better way to experience the food and wine?

B. Riley Farber is about the fun!

Erin’s had the opportunity to work on the consumer side of Farber, before joining the corporate group at the York Street office more recently. So far, she seems to be enjoying the downtown vibe. “B. Riley Farber has a friendly feel that isn’t like a big corporation,” she says. “It’s also nice to be able to work with a more intimate team.” And asked to describe the B. Riley Farber culture, she has not trouble summing it up in one word—“FUN!”

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