Meet Vincent Heys

There’s something about connecting with people that fuels Vincent. In fact, he meets virtually with a group of like-minded people designed to keep one another accountable and to make a difference in their communities. “I think there are things we can do in incremental ways, starting from a grassroots perspective,” he muses. And, as an immigrant from South Africa, he has a soft spot for others trying to make a similar transition. He looks for ways he can lend a hand. “There are difficult aspects about moving to a new country—settling your family, getting to know people and then financial issues like tax residency changes —and I can assist because I’ve been through it myself.”

Family bonding

“I’ve always known the importance of family,” claims Vincent, “but there’s something about the pandemic experience that’s confirmed all that in new ways.” It’s been a bonding experience while Vincent’s three kids have been at home. “We’ll have dinner and talk about everything. We’ll watch shows together and even take turns cooking,” he says. And whenever they can, the Heys try to get outside to take in a bit of nature. “We did a fair amount of camping in South Africa,” recalls Vincent, and the family is starting to get into that in Canada now as well. “Holidays are for activities,” says Vincent. “I’m not one to sit in one place for long. I like running, and especially sports like tennis, where there’s a ball to chase around.”

Keen on leather crafting

Vincent also loves to create. In fact, he has a knack for working with leather and other materials. “I’ve made leather bags, wallets, and journal coverings,” he explains. That might come from his upbringing. “My mom had a factory at our farm in South Africa,” he recalls. “She imported material from overseas and made bed linen—since then I’ve always loved creating, stitching, and upholstering.” His craving for the crafts extends to other media, including old pieces of furniture that can benefit from some revamping. “My wife bought a dining room set the other day for $50, and now I’m in the process of fixing it up.”

Join in the melody

“I never learned a musical instrument when I was younger,” admits Vincent. “But my wife is a music teacher, and my kids all play instruments.” In fact, between violin, flute, guitar and French horn, it would seem there is always some melody playing. “Now my daughter is teaching me piano,” he laughs. “If you can’t beat ’em, join ‘em.”

The entrepreneur within

Speaking of creating, there’s also an entrepreneurial spirit in Vincent that keeps shining through—thanks to his parents. “I like to start things—like small companies—and see how they can work,” he claims. Vincent has co-founded three financial services companies and has implemented investment strategies in the UK and South Africa before joining B. Riley Farber as a Wealth manager.

People caring for people

Since joining the team, Vincent sees B. Riley Farber as a firm where people care for people. “It’s not just about a transaction, or profit, or extracting something,” he explains. “There’s a real genuineness around concern for others and looking after clients properly.” It’s safe to say Farber’s unique culture drew him in, and he can’t wait to start building relationships with clients and colleagues alike.

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