In our knowledge economy, to get where you want to go, it helps to know where you are. Evidence-based assessments provide great insight into the strengths, skillsets, and mindsets of your workforce—from individual contributors to your C-suite.

Assessments not only illustrate an individual’s or team’s current abilities, they provide an understanding of future potential.

Sandra Boyd

Sandra Boyd

Evaluate talent strengths & development opportunities

Our assessments for individuals and teams provide insight into a variety of factors, including: 

  • personality type 
  • communication style 
  • mental resilience 
  • strengths and areas for improvement 
  • how employees perceive their organization, peers, and leaders

The information gathered from the assessments can be applied at every stage of a person’s career and employment, including: 

  • recruitment and selection 
  • coaching 
  • upskilling 
  • leadership development
  • team effectiveness 
  • career management and transition 
  • succession planning 

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Our Assessments

We offer a number of evidence-based assessments to fit your needs.

Gain insight into the personality traits of your employees and teams. 

This online assessment provides insights on each individual’s and/or team’s natural strengths and opportunities. Through a debrief with a coach participants learn about personalized, practical, and workable solutions. 

Contact us for more information on our Personality Assessment.

Quantifiable and actionable feedback for leaders. 

This 360˚ Assessment provides leaders with an objective understanding of their talents, challenges, and any areas in need of professional development. Information is gathered through a confidential online questionnaire and/or one-on-one interviews with key stakeholders. The results are then shared with leaders, and other relevant stakeholders if desired, through an in-depth debrief with a coach. 

Contact us for more information and pricing options for our 360˚ Assessment. 

Build psychological resilience. 

This online assessment delves into an individual’s psychological makeup, as well as external factors, to assess how they react and manage stress. Through a debrief with a coach, participants learn personalized coping strategies. 

Contact us for more information on our Psycho-Neuro Immunology Assessment. 

Enhance self-awareness to improve communication. 

This assessment provides participants with clarity and targeted reference points regarding which of their visual, vocal, and verbal behaviours enhance their communication, and which minimize their presence and impact.  

Contact us for more information on our Communication Skills Assessment. 

Create a safe, high-performing workplace. 

This assessment explores the employee experience, health, and productivity in the workplace. Employees receive a confidential report which helps them gain insight and a personal baseline for their mental fitness, enabling them to leverage their strengths and implement coping strategies.  

Designed to provide evidence-based direction, the MFI can also help your organization take proactive steps to build a strong foundation for your mental health and wellness programs. It helps you:  

  • understand the current employee experience and mental health impacts 
  • evaluate and measure implementations of or enhancements to programming, policies, and practices within your organization 
  • mitigate risk, prevent harm, target prevention 
  • take evidence-based action to improve mental health and wellbeing 
  • work as a partner with your employees, establishing two-way accountability towards optimal mental and physical wellbeing

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