The Psychology of Mental Wellbeing & Resilience

Many people are feeling disconnected—especially in the workplace. We’re seeing this with a rise in burnout, job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, and a general lack of wellbeing.

One in five employees are experiencing mental health issues, with the ripple effects being felt throughout organizations. How an employer supports employees—or fails to—can positively or negatively colour an organization’s culture. 

Workplace emotional support has financial benefits, protects corporate reputations, and demonstrates legal due diligence for employees, customers, and stakeholders. Yet, many don’t have a cohesive organizational strategy for it; often, because of a perceived lack of resources, budget, business case, sponsors, or urgency from decision makers. 

Sandra Boyd

Sandra Boyd

Our approach includes:

A broad discovery process

  • To build our understanding of your organization’s unique culture, including your strategic business model and organizational objectives.  

Further identification and refining of our recommended solution

  • To help you build a strong culture of organizational health that helps your employees thrive at work, at home, and in their communities



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Your bespoke solution can include all or any combination of the following: 

mental wellbeing

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