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We provide thought leadership in psychology, thinking differently and communicating with impact and influence. Whether your organization is undergoing change, facing an ‘innovation crisis’, or you would like to provide your people with enhanced skills, our Circle & Square keynote offerings can help. Our passionate and experienced speakers provide insightful keynotes for groups of 20 to 1000 people. 

How Do You ‘Show Up’?

When you give a presentation—whether in-person or virtually—you probably prepare and practice your content. But the truth is that every interaction you have is a presentation—it defines how you ‘show up’ to others.

This keynote will help participants not only understand how they currently ‘show up’ in every situation, it will also educate them on the pillars of communication (body language, voice, etc.). This will help ensure that their idiosyncrasies don’t detract from their message or expertise. It will also help them better connect with others, allowing them to share their knowledge and experience more effectively.

Speaker: Tessa Desatnik

Your Mic is Always On

You never know what interaction could lead to an opportunity. Whether you’re chatting with someone over coffee or are seated beside a senior executive at your company dinner, it’s important to ‘show up’ in an authentic and engaging way.

This keynote will help participants unpack what they ‘know’ about themselves in order to re-frame their story and approach each interaction with increased credibility and leadership. We provide a toolkit of skills that participants can draw on to not only understand the potential each interaction can have, but to harness that potential.

Speaker: Tessa Desatnik

Are You Ready to Think Differently?

Exploring and understanding any “new” challenge or opportunity requires new thinking. This involves a biological and cultural shake-up—our brains need to override the automatic processes that control our thought patterns.

This keynote shares insights into the thinking crisis we are often faced with when it comes to change and focuses on how to create facilities that allow us to express our thinking potential. If you want to thrive in times of uncertainty, this keynote is for you.

Speaker: Dave Stevens

Talking So People Listen and Listening So People Talk

A shift in the way you interact with and relate to people can have a lasting, positive impact. In this keynote, participants learn about the “three circles of connection” equipping them with the skills and insights they need to listen to, connect with, and respond to others more effectively. This shifts their interactions and perceptions from transactional (task/process-oriented) to relationship-based (connecting with people).

Participants also learn about the theory of Transactional Analysis, which provides them with user-friendly language to identify, assess, and interpret personality types. This approach provides insight into their own behavior and that of others’. Through this learning, they’ll be able to more effectively connect with and understand themselves, their clients, and their teams.

Speaker: Barry Pokroy

The Talking Cure

In this keynote, we teach participants the skills they need to effectively manage challenging interactions, personalities, and situations.

In psychology, ‘debriefing’ involves a person reflecting on and talking about a past experience. It enables the person to work through issues and move on, in turn setting them up for future success.

In the workplace, we all face difficult targets and deadlines, yet the need to debrief is often overlooked. This not only leads to issues for individuals but can lead to unintended consequences for businesses – including a struggling workforce and limited productivity. Equipped with a comprehensive debriefing model, your people will be able to better connect with each other and move of from conflict.

Speaker: Barry Pokroy

People are not Dolphins: Debunking Change Management 

In this keynote, we look at redefining the oxymoron that is ‘change management’. We provide participants with insights and tools to manage transition—both personally and interpersonally.

Our focus is on the transition people undergo during times of change, rather than how the change itself is managed. Our approach helps participants feel empowered during times of transition and helps them personally own the changes they experience.

Speaker: Barry Pokroy

The Psychology of Disconnection

In this keynote, we help participants unpack the stressors they experience both at work and in their personal lives.

While most people know how to make a living, many seem to have forgotten how to make a life. The symptoms of this disconnection are often seen in the workplace in the form of burnout, job dissatisfaction, absenteeism, abuse of sick leave, high turnover, and poor adherence.

Our approach provides a lens through which participants can effectively manage themselves and their colleagues.

Speaker: Barry Pokroy

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