Communication Excellence in the Pharmaceutical World

The Client

A global, industry leading, pharmaceutical firm which has consistently focused on internal talent development and excellence, was looking to drive excellence in both external and internal communication. In doing so, they wanted to maintain and grow their strong position in a highly competitive international marketplace.

The Challenge

The workforce spans diverse scientific and technical areas including—corporate, medical devices, legal, pharmaceutical & research— and requires leaders to effectively communicate their complex and specialized knowledge.

Tessa Desatnik

Tessa Desatnik is a Director with the Organizational & Talent Development practice of B. Riley Farber. She focuses on improving the communication skills and confidence of clients—including presentation skills, executive presence, vocal technique, and personal leadership.

The Solution

With their fast-paced culture and extremely busy schedules, we designed and delivered a program for a large group of executives and new leaders to enhance their communication style, confidence, and leadership presence.

The program began with in-depth communication assessments of individual communication style and personal needs, in which detailed feedback and reports were shared.

We then delivered in-person, interactive group workshops which built self-awareness, taught critical, targeted components of effective communication, and provided skills practices to transfer the learning into new behaviours, we delivered 1:1 coaching, working with participants and their leaders to set and meet personalized goals. We tracked progress and shared updates throughout the program.

The Outcome

Overall, the program supported the team in the following aspects:

  • powerful visual and vocal messaging
  • intentional and deliberate communication
  • ability to communicate at any touchpoint with clarity and impact
  • greater self-awareness and improved confidence in communication
  • enhanced leadership presence and communication skill/style
  • authentic and impactful delivery using scripted content
  • consistent compelling brand representation

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