Executive Presence

How do you 'show up'?

The way you present yourself—or ‘show up’—can either inspire and motivate people, or discourage and alienate them. That’s where cultivating an executive presence comes in.

Executive presence


Engaging and inspiring audiences


The One Secret to Enhancing Executive Presence

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One-on-One Coaching

No matter what level you are in your career, one-on-one coaching can provide the crucial skills you need to take yourself—and your business—to the next level.

In our coaching sessions, we use proven approaches—such as video recording, targeted feedback—to help you improve your delivery style — virtually and in-person. We focus on three critical areas:

  • visual communication
  • vocal leadership
  • verbal messaging

Keynote talks

Hosting an event? Our keynote talks and webinars are an effective way to expose a large number of people to communication skills that will strengthen their leadership presence in every interaction. In our keynote talks and webinars, participants will:

  • recognize how they currently ‘show up’
  • reflect on how they can improve their presence virtually and in-person
  • receive the tools and insights they need to effect the behavioural changes necessary to ‘show up’ in any situation

Group Training

Your company’s reputation and image is created by your leadership team and employees. That’s why it’s crucial that they present themselves—or ‘show up’ virtually and in-person—in a way that properly reflects your business and culture.

In our group training sessions, we utilize group learning as well as a focus on you as an individual to help you:

  • recognize how you currently ‘show up’
  • identify your strengths, as well as areas where you can improve
  • learn from your peers by hearing about their experiences
  • minimize any attributes that may distract people when you interact with or present to them
  • communicate more succinctly to have a greater impact

Resources & Insights

A true professional is always learning and expanding their skill set. We offer training in a variety of forms to help you and your people establish or improve your professional presence. Watch our videos and find out more about our sessions.

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