Executive & Employee Compensation

Attract and retain talent by driving and rewarding performance

Compensation is more than a line item on the income statement or the final step in securing a new hire, it’s a strategic lever to attract and retain the best talent.

Does your organization's compensation plan align with your performance goals? A well designed compensation plan is a business imperative that will drive, align and reward the right behaviours.

Compensation is but one pixel of a larger picture

Compensation should be a key component of your organization’s talent management and retention strategy—it needs to align and operate within the larger ethos of your organization and support its overall strategic and human capital goals.

Your compensation framework should fully underpin all aspects of talent management, including attracting and retaining top talent and driving performance towards your organization’s goals.

Ian Brenner

Ian Brenner

Sandra Boyd

Sandra Boyd

Total Rewards—going beyond compensation

Your Total Rewards strategy, including compensation, defines what is needed to attract, motivate and retain talented employees to drive business results.

We will help you develop or enhance your already existing compensation strategy, assessing how well your current program supports your organization’s business strategy.

This in-depth process includes:

  • defining your Total Rewards philosophy, market positioning, approach and framework
  • conducting a competitive benchmark review
  • designing an appropriate pay-mix (base and variable pay)
  • considering other reward elements, including recognition and benefits
  • developing an effective communication and education plan to adopt and implement the changes

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