Financial Planning for Individuals

Protect, grow, and preserve your wealth

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Our experienced team of wealth management professionals, which includes CPAs, actuaries, and CFPs, will help you design and achieve your long-term personal financial goals.

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Glen Nortje

Glen Nortje

Vincent Heys

Vincent Heys

Protect your wealth

Protect your wealth

We understand that you want to know that your income level and lifestyle are safe in the event of a change in circumstance or health.

You can sleep at night knowing your wealth is safeguarded with the correct insurance portfolio.

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Grow your wealth

Grow your wealth

You can anticipate expert advice on how to grow your wealth, by providing the best investment solutions.

Our mission is to make you reach your unique investment goals over time.

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Preserve your wealth

Preserve your wealth

We are well aware of your concerns when it comes to preserving your family’s legacy.

We ensure that your legacy continues by optimizing tax planning and philanthropy giving.

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Why You Need an Annual Financial Check-Up

The five key areas you should be looking at when conducting your next financial check-up. Get started


We’re passionate about getting you in control of your money—making you feel more secure about your financial goals. What makes B. Riley Farber Wealth unique is our commitment to finding a solution customized to you. We get that you’re different. Your financial reality, dreams and goals are unique. We ask questions and we listen. Our passionate team has an ear to the ground, and we are continuously sharpening our skills, enabling us to provide you with the best solutions available in the market.


Like you, we too are unique. We each bring our own experiences, family situations and personal journeys to every interaction. We encourage our team members to live and breathe our values and principles, each with their own area of expertise within our business.


Our team at B. Riley Farber Wealth is always available to offer peace of mind and transparency. Working closely with our advisors and specialists, we’re all in this journey together. Our process is focused on you, your specific situation and your financial goals. Our team will help you identify your financial needs and guide you closer towards them. We provide unbiased advice, guiding you to choose what is right for you. We have access to the best products and provide them at the lowest costs. We stay up to date with the latest technology, allowing us to track your goals effectively and efficiently. An integral part of the success of reaching your financial goals includes tracking your milestones on an ongoing basis. Our team walks you through this journey, focused on supporting.

Holistic financial planning

Holistic financial planning can be daunting and complex—but it doesn’t have to be. We help make the process straightforward and easy through our six steps to financial freedom. You will come to appreciate the value in planning, targeting and reaching your unique financial goals. With this, we believe the best way to explain our process is through our triangle of needs.

The Financial Planning Process

We follow a detailed and clearly defined process to allow for sustainable wealth management and creation—setting you on the right path to financial freedom. The following steps outline our process:

1. Identify

Firstly, we identify and prioritize your financial goals. Through this initial step, we obtain a clear understanding of your immediate needs, concerns, and aspirations.

2. Calculate

We compile and analyze relevant financial information and begin setting objectives. As we understand your unique requirements, we are able to calculate how much is needed to reach each individual goal and construct a personalized and comprehensive financial plan.

3. Evaluate

We will evaluate your current financial products and establish where you are with your goals and objectives. We consider factors such as personal financial management, risk management, retirement planning, tax and estate planning, and investment management. Additionally, we review your existing investment portfolio and risk tolerance to determine if you are on track and, if not, how to change the trajectory to get your goals in alignment.

4. Recommend

Our team will recommend the best strategies and tax-efficient solutions that will support your financial goals. Advice such as the best low-cost ETF and portfolio managers or the most suitable life, disability, and critical illness solutions will take you forward with confidence and certainty around your financial future.

5. Implement

We work with you to implement and manage the recommended solutions and strategies. We establish time frames for each recommendation, to ensure that your goals are achieved. Collectively these steps will help kick- start your financial journey with ease.

6. Track

We track your goals on an ongoing basis. A successful plan is dependent on continuous tracking and review, be it annually or as your circumstances change, to ensure that the plan remains meaningful and relevant to you and your loved ones. Your life changes often—and financial plans and goals should change with it.

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