Fraud Forensics & Asset Recovery

Fraudsters abscond with funds or funnel them to offshore accounts before anyone is aware. To mitigate financial loss and protect a company’s reputation, customer loyalty, and long-term profitability, rapid response is essential.

Corporate fraud schemes are some of the most complex crimes to detect and resolve

B. Riley Farber can help. Our certified asset recovery specialists have the authority to exercise extraordinary legal powers, giving us access to a suspected fraudster’s worldwide property and enabling us to take control of their assets and funds.


Allan Nackan

Allan Nackan


With our anti-fraud and litigation support resources, we can rapidly assemble a crackerjack team that can provide victims with restitution by helping to resolve even the most complex fraud schemes, including:

  • asset concealment and destruction
  • asset misappropriation
  • bankruptcy and insolvency fraud
  • civil and common law fraud
  • commercial disputes
  • corporate fraud and corruption
  • ponzi and pyramid schemes
  • Director or officer fraud or theft
  • money laundering and proceeds of crime
  • white-collar crime

Uncovering and recovering misappropriated assets requires extraordinary legal powers and specialized forensic techniques.

By taking decisive action to resolve complex fraud schemes, we can frequently recover assets that may otherwise be lost. As a result, victims of fraud, lawyers prosecuting fraud, insurance investigators, and law enforcement professionals get access to the litigation support and independent forensic accounting they need to quickly recover misappropriated funds—without undue stress or financial strain.