Team Effectiveness

Workshops to help teams and individuals work better, together

Cohesive, productive teams aren’t formed by accident. To develop an exceptional team, you need to create an environment that fosters collaboration, innovation, and free thought — whether working virtually or in-person. Too often, however, siloed thinking, poor communication, and personal conflicts prevent teams from reaching their full potential.

Support for teams and individuals

Our workshops address the needs of both teams and the individuals that make up those teams. We equip people with the tools and skills they need to work effectively in a supportive environment.

Sandra Boyd

Sandra Boyd

Barriers to productive teamwork

There are countless reasons why a team project might go sideways. Team members may have difficulty divvying up tasks or ensuring individuals are held accountable for completing specific aspects of the project at a specific time. In some cases, they may have to work around difficult personalities, conflicting working styles, or communication breakdowns—and uncover innovative ways to maximize each member’s unique strengths.

Work well with others

To overcome these challenges, it’s essential for each and every member of the team to understand their role in relation to the greater whole—and develop a common language and framework with which to understand others. This can be achieved by helping individuals enhance their level of self-awareness, engage with their colleagues, and strengthen their communication and listening skills—steps that will ultimately allow them to develop the connection they need to foster stronger team cohesion and better performance.

Foster a team mentality

With effective team training, and a strong framework in place, team members will be equipped to:

  • facilitate open and honest dialogue
  • understand the needs of both the team and individuals within the team
  • foster team engagement, collaboration, and innovation — whether working virtually or in-person
  • shift from solely task-driven attitudes to a person-centred approach
  • contribute to an engaged and high-performing team environment

Build stronger teams

Working individually, and working as part of a team, are two completely different art forms. So, while it’s true that team-focused projects can foster innovation and creativity in a more productive fashion, these results are only possible if individuals have the skills to work alongside others. We offer targeted workshops, based on proprietary psychological methodology, to address the needs of both teams and their members.

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