Business Valuations

Enable: strategic planning, tax and estate planning, buying or selling a business, or financing by properly assessing the value of your business

Whether you’re developing business and financial plans, seeking funding to grow to the next level or selling your business, the success of those initiatives hinges upon a well informed and robust business valuation.

Determining fair value with a critical eye

Determining a fair market value of your business requires specialized knowledge, in-depth insight and analytical skills, and an objective viewpoint—ideally, backed up by years of experience. Few businesses have access to such resources internally.

Glenn Bowman

Glenn Bowman


Experienced professionals with proven skills

Our experienced Chartered Business Valuators have helped companies like yours determine their worth and set them up for success in sales or acquisitions, capital market transactions, estate and succession planning and even in resolving shareholder disputes.

The confidence in a job done right

Our valuations team doesn’t simply provide you with conclusions. We “show our work” so that you understand the process we take to determine the value of your business, giving you confidence before implementing your business plans.