Equity Financing

Sourcing risk capital for all situations and needs

Whether equity is needed for growth, recapitalization or an acquisition, we can help you source the capital you require.

Setting your financing objectives

Determining your optimal capital structure demands a thorough assessment of capital needs, business risks, and future cash flows. We can set you on the right path by analyzing and understanding these needs before you go to market.

Glenn Bowman

Glenn Bowman


The financing partner is as important as the product

Raising equity capital for your business entails a knowledge of the sources and players in the market, including strategic and financial parties. Obtaining the right investor means choosing among institutional, private or high net worth capital providers. We know the capital providers in the market and can help you assess the fit.

A streamlined process from start to close

Our team of professionals will structure the financing process to determine your capital needs, source the appropriate financiers, negotiate optimal terms and get the deal closed as efficiently as possible.