As a notable financial advisory firm, B. Riley Farber's trusted advisors are able to assist you in your restructuring process.

Supporting clients by quickly assessing their unique business problems comes easy. Let B. Riley Farber develop a cost-effective solution tailored to your restructuring needs.

When Shareholders Revolt: Succession Planning and Disputes

Paul Denton shares a cautionary tale on how picking the wrong buyer can have a negative ripple effect across the business and even your family. Learn more.

Helping your clients deal with financial distress

Our history of working with banks, law firms, and accounting firms on restructuring and insolvency engagements across Canada as well as internationally through our partnership with BTG Global Advisory (BTGGA) allows us to help your clients accomplish their strategic business objectives.

Restructuring assistance for business owners

We take the time to understand your challenges, and provide practical solutions to help you regain control, maintain credibility and rebuild trust with stakeholders and key customers. B. Riley Farber will work with you to develop a thorough restructuring plan, and help manage relationships to ensure a successful outcome.


B. Riley Farber is proud to be the exclusive Canadian partner of BTG Global Advisory – one of the world’s largest independent financial advisory alliances. This means we can support your business needs, wherever you do business.

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When Shareholders Revolt: Succession Planning and Disputes

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