Managing Change Effectively and Inclusively at a Media Company

The Client

A Canadian entertainment and media company (The Client) wanted a talent development partner to provide support to their teams and executives across a range of topics, to inspire greater awareness and increased competency in areas such as strategic thinking, change management, persuasive communication, accountability, critical thinking, and empathy.

The Challenge

With consistently changing consumer trends in media, and a highly competitive market, The Client is shifting its strategy, approach, and content to remain relevant and current. This shift is a large and complex cultural change initiative, which requires leaders to be aligned and able to lead their employees in navigating the change.

Kirsten Stanger

Kirsten Stanger is a Director with the Organizational & Talent Development practice at B. Riley Farber. She focuses on designing and facilitating programs to corporate audiences on leadership development, team effectiveness, corporate culture, change management, coaching skills, and career management.

The Solution

We are continuing to design and deliver customized interactive sessions for their leaders across the organization to share simple, practical tools to support their employees in navigating change with stamina and positivity, which includes:

  • understanding the challenges and influences affecting mindset, emotions, and attitudes related to change.
  • guiding their staff through change via communicating the vision, coaching for change enablement, removing obstacles, and reinforcing positive behaviours.

The Outcome

We have received extremely positive feedback from the sessions, especially in creating a psychologically safe environment that promotes dialogue and ideas.  Through internal word-of-mouth referrals from participants and their leaders, we have been invited to offer the sessions to other areas of the organization.

Helping Shape a New Corporate Culture

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