Meet Gary Lifman

Gary Lifman, Senior Managing Director at B. Riley Farber, has enjoyed a career at the firm spanning 29 years. He has jointly led and witnessed the dynamic growth of the firm—from its early days, consisting of just four people, to the nearly 250 employees that it supports today. He has a reputation for effective and innovative results; his creativity, excellent analytical and negotiation skills are highly sought after. When he’s not cracking clever puns around the office, he ensures that the unique B. Riley Farber culture survives and thrives, even as the firms rapidly grows.

Work Hard, Play Hard
Gary is an atypical accountant turned restructuring and financial advisory professional. Although known for being very calm and level-headed, his playful side is always at the ready. He prefers to keep things light-hearted: “I always tell my wife that the day I start being too serious, is the day you should worry.”

A Modern-Day Renaissance Man
Gary’s pursuits outside of the business world lend themselves to both his discipline and his creativity.

A fitness fanatic, most mornings you will find Gary in his office with his suit jacket off, cooling down after his workout and snacking on a protein bar. He often plays golf on the weekend with his wife, usually walking the course, enjoying some friendly competition, nature, and the outdoors. He is known for his “periodic” slice and always going for the “hero shot” even when the odds are less than one percent.

Gary also loves to travel with his family and is an avid nature photographer—capturing vivid shots of exotic birds and stunning landscapes, from the savannahs of Southern Africa all the way to the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. He would love to take his photography to the next level and learn various photography techniques.

Another title that Gary enjoys outside of the office is that of amateur chef—who is neither deterred nor intimidated by any ingredient. He loves to cook for his family and especially enjoys the creative process, often opting to leave the recipe book behind. He won’t divulge all his culinary secrets, but he’s confident his inventive (and often resourceful) approach leads to a delicious meal. He’s also a wine enthusiast and has managed to build a growing collection of wines to pair with his latest kitchen creations.

A People Person
Gary thrives on creating meaningful connections with people—especially his colleagues. “I am extremely fortunate to work with people that I like and respect,” he says. “Being able to mentor and witness the growth and success of our employees is both humbling and fulfilling.  And, being able to do this while earning a living is very special.”

Known for his “good morning” office strolls, each day Gary tries to connect with every single person in the office. It’s no easy feat for a man in his position (and the busy schedule it comes with) but he values the opportunity to interact with everyone. “It gives me perspective on who the people at B. Riley Farber really are, what is going on in their lives, and helps me to build strong relationships and maintain our human culture. It is one of the perks of coming into the office,” he explains.

Gary is very optimistic about the future of B. Riley Farber: “We have a team of extremely talented and collaborative people, new business ideas, and we’ve learned from experience how to capitalize on opportunities as they emerge. I think we’re just getting started.”

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