Meet Patricia Polischuk

Painting by Numbers & Artistic Flair 

Patricia discovered a captivating artistic outlet over the past few years—Paint by Numbers. This creative activity has become one of her favorites, allowing her to turn family pictures into unique artworks. Paint by numbers is a structured approach to painting, where a canvas is divided into sections with corresponding numbers and colors. Patricia finds it not only enjoyable but also incredibly relaxing, providing her with a meditative escape from everyday life.

With over 50 Paint by Numbers projects under her belt, Patricia’s dedication to this hobby is evident. Some of her masterpieces adorn her walls, while others are cherished as personal keepsakes. Patricia’s artistic repertoire includes a diverse range of subjects, from winter scenes to festive holiday themes. Notably, she transformed a friend’s wedding photograph into a stunning painted portrait, showcasing her talent and creativity.

Discovering Hidden Local Gems 

While Patricia may not favor long international travel, she is a fervent advocate for exploring local destinations. She passionately believes in appreciating the beauty that surrounds her within Canada and the United States. Patricia and her family have embarked on several memorable road trips, discovering hidden gems, and creating lasting memories.

Some of Patricia’s most cherished road trip memories include driving along the picturesque California Coast Highway and exploring iconic destinations like the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and the Christmas Story House in Cleveland. These adventures demonstrate her enthusiasm for unique and memorable experiences.

Whether it’s visiting Montreal, exploring other vibrant cities of Canada, or spontaneously getting in the car to see where the road takes her, Patricia relishes the joy of discovery in her local travels. Meeting new people, experiencing different cultures, and exploring charming cities are at the heart of her domestic wanderlust.

Bringing People Together and Connecting the Dots 

One of Patricia’s most profound passions is connecting people. She exudes a genuine love for humanity and derives immense satisfaction from fostering connections, whether in her personal or professional life. Patricia’s ability to bridge gaps and introduce individuals who can benefit from each other’s presence is a hallmark of her character.

Patricia’s passion for connecting goes beyond mere introductions. She takes pleasure in uplifting people’s spirits and aiding them in gaining new perspectives. Whether someone is grappling with a problem or simply in need of a fresh outlook, Patricia invests her time in offering support and encouragement.

One of the most appealing aspects of Patricia’s passion for connecting people is her genuine interest in diverse backgrounds and experiences. She actively seeks to learn about the differences that make each person unique and takes the time to appreciate their distinct life stories. This curiosity broadens her perspective, making the world a more comprehensible and empathetic place for her.

Prince’s Purple Rain 

While Patricia herself may not be a musician, her respect for creativity knows no bounds. She deeply appreciates the arts in various forms, including music and live performance.

One of Patricia’s most unforgettable concert experiences was attending Prince’s historic Purple Rain concert at the old Maple Leaf Gardens. It was a momentous event that left an indelible mark on her memory. Prince’s charisma and magnetic stage presence during the performance captivated her, making it a cherished memory from her youth.

In addition to Prince, Patricia has also attended multiple Rod Stewart concerts, attesting to her diverse musical taste. Her love for classic rock legends like Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney reflects her enduring appreciation for legendary artists who continue to entertain audiences.

Life at B. Riley Farber 

Patricia Polischuk’s journey with B. Riley Farber commenced in early 2023. When asked what drew her to the firm, she confessed, “What stood out the most was B. Riley Farber’s response to the challenges posed by the pandemic. The firm offered networking and job search webinars for candidates who were in a career transition.

In Patricia’s eyes, this gesture was significant because it demonstrated a level of empathy and genuine care that is often lacking in the human capital world. She explains, “for individuals going through career transitions, their confidence can be shaken, and interactions with firms can significantly impact their journey.” B. Riley Farber’s commitment to the well-being of candidates, even during challenging times, left an indelible mark on Patricia.

What ultimately drew Patricia to B. Riley Farber was the alignment of her personal values with the firm’s ethos. The emphasis on building and nurturing relationships resonated deeply with her. Patricia highlighted that B. Riley Farber genuinely cares about candidates.

When asked about the firm’s culture she explained, “B. Riley Farber values relationships. The culture here is professional, kind, caring, and focused on outcomes. We do the right thing, even when it’s not easy, and we always put the client first.”

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