Meet Rob Biehler

For Rob, Canada has two seasons—golf and curling. When it’s warm outside, he can be found playing at his home course, Heron Point. “One of my favourite courses in Ontario is the Hamilton Golf Club, with over 100 years of history,” he adds, “and Banff Springs is also amazing with the beautiful mountains and the famous hotel.” Luckily, Rob’s wife is an avid fan of the links as well, so they play a round together whenever they can.

In winter, the curling rink offers some intense competition, but also a great chance to socialize. Rob’s been curling since a young age. “What’s unique is that the winning team buys the first drink, which is good sportsmanship,” he notes, “and if you’re a novice, you’ll discover muscles you never knew you had.”

Hike and bike if it’s nature you like

Family time is important to Rob and if there’s any upside to the pandemic, it was the chance to spend more quality time with his two daughters. “Fortunately, they’re resilient and they get along well together, so we’ve been able to get out and hike, bike and enjoy nature as a family.” However, being home all the time has come with its drawbacks and Rob finds it important to monitor everyone’s screen time. Between school, home entertainment, and socializing, it’s easy to get lost in our digital devices.

In non-pandemic times, travel means enjoying the great outdoors in other sunny places. Florida has been a favourite annual destination for the family, and Rob and his wife have also been able to get away to Curaçao and Hawaii in the past, where they’ve found the snorkelling, wildlife and cuisine to be well worth the visit.

Man about the kitchen

Rob has assumed a big role at home in recent years, which has given him a chance to develop his skills in the kitchen. “I found cooking a bit frustrating at first, but I’ve gradually figured it out,” he proclaims. Although he won’t be adding any Michelin stars to his resume, his go-to dishes tend to be a classic lasagna, pork tenderloin and anything he can put in the oven. “And of course, the barbeque is always great because it’s never too complicated. Weather permitting of course.”

New wave, hip hop and grunge

“If there’s one thing I’ve never quite grown out of, it’s the music from my university days,” Rob admits. The tunes that still resonate with him are new wave, hip hop and Seattle grunge, à la Pearl Jam, Nirvana and Soundgarden. “I also like the spontaneity of XM Radio or Spotify,” he says. “I have a short attention span, so I like to flip around a lot.” He also likes to indulge in some jazz when he’s working from home. As you can see his musical preferences span a very wide spectrum.

The photographer within

“I would love to become a better photographer,” Rob declares. He’s always enjoyed shooting portraits and landscapes. “And in the age of digital, you have the opportunity to take lots of pictures – some of which you know will be good.”  Rob also sees tech skills as complementary. “The computer is where I enjoy all my photos and music, so I’d like to be better with that – in many ways, especially this past year, technology has been the glue that brings us closer together.”

Connected and cohesive at Farber

Rob joined Farber’s corporate Restructuring practice earlier this year and he’s been enjoying both the work and the culture. “At Farber, it’s all about the people,” says Rob. “Everyone is approachable and wants to help out.” He also thinks the firm is the perfect size, “we’re big enough to do great work but small enough to get to know all the people well, which keeps things connected and cohesive.”

Although he hasn’t had a chance to meet his new colleagues in person just yet, he’s definitely eager for a sense of normalcy—both personally and professionally.

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