Meet Steve Rosen

Like many of his fellow Farberites, Steve enjoys diving into a good book. He’s even taken it a step further by organizing a book club with colleagues in the firm. “I enjoy running the book nomination and selection process… It’s fun to see everyone’s tastes!” The catalyst might really have been Steve’s GO train commute which offers him plenty of reading time. “My Kindle is getting used every day, ” he shares. His own preference is for good fiction, such as All the Light We Cannot See and Kite Runner. “What’s exciting is being able to see a time and place that is new to you but through the eyes of a well-written character.” The club alternates fiction and non-fiction to keep everyone happy.

Adventures to Places Unknown
Photography is also another favourite hobby but for Steve it’s more than just snapping pictures. “I enjoy editing the photos—not just taking them.” Shots of landscapes and scenery are his main interest, which fits well with his quest for travel. A recent safari in Tanzania was a “trip of a lifetime,” he concluded—highlighted by sightings of all the big five game animals of the African savannah and witnessing the predatory hierarchy in action.

“I think everyone should travel somewhere adventurous where they’re out of their comfort zone” he urges. For Steve, that puts East Asia and Morocco high on his list of future destinations. “All my kids have travelled more exotically than I have… we have some catching up to do!” Steve’s desire to travel goes far beyond the real world, and admits that he would pack his bags for Westeros (Game of Thrones). “It could be dangerous there, I know. I might want to bring along a good bodyguard, like Brienne of Tarth.”

Open-minded Omnivore
On the culinary front, Steve is the ultimate omnivore. “I’ll try most cuisines,” he confides, but “I’m always happy with a good steak.” Apparently Thai food is often on the menu for the Rosens, and lately Indian dishes have gained a spot at the table too. Rumour has it there’s also a stash of dark chocolate in Steve’s desk that asserts its influence regularly.

Listen and Learn
A conversation with Steve makes it clear that listening and learning are key to his perspective in much of what he does. That applies to what he reads and watches, but also to his interactions with others, both socially and at work. To Steve, absorbing what you can learn from others is the best way to inform and leads to better bonds with people. “I always like to come away from a conversation having talked more about the other person, since I already know enough about myself.”

His approach to communication comes in handy as a Director in the Interim Management & Executive Search practice at Farber. Steve has been in the search business for eight years but spent 25 years working in finance beforehand. That allows him to take what he’s learned and use it to help his clients. “I can still be part of the finance community, just supporting it in a different way.”

His background also helps him with his B. Riley Farber colleagues, since the firm culture encourages collaboration between business units. “It sounds like a cliché, but everyone is very friendly and helpful here,” says Steve. “They really walk the talk.” He figures that may have something to do with Farber’s longevity. “In search, we see people move around a fair bit and companies come and go. To me, 40 years in business means credibility and enduring relationships.”

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