Cash Flow Management

Cash flow issues can arise when your business is experiencing tremendous success, such as explosive growth, or financial distress. Either way, identifying the root of your cash flow crunch is the key to ensuring your business remains around—and prosperous—for years to come.

Our unique cash flow management solution helps companies identify the source of their cash flow problems, understand the extent of them and devise a plan to resolve them, permanently.

Solving Cash Flow Problems During Uncertainty

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How One Company is Proactively Managing COVID-19

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Cash flow modelling

Cash flow modelling allows companies to address their all-important solvency and liquidity issues by helping them proactively manage their available funds, understand the impact of drivers on cash flows, plan for different scenarios, evaluate risk, set and meet performance targets, and make more informed decisions.

We’ll help you develop an integrated cash flow model based on key drivers, target accountability and sensitivity analyses. This allows us to identify the most prominent factors impeding your cash flow and determine the extent of the problem.

Performance improvements

With this information in hand, our performance improvement specialists will then help turn things around by maintaining a rolling forecast, regularly reviewing your company’s performance against pre-determined targets and identifying variances in a timely fashion—both investigating them, and addressing them, before they can become a significant issue.