Conflict Management Training

Conflict at any level can have a major impact on the culture, strategy, efficacy, and even external reputation of an organization. Our Conflict Management offering provides customized training to help your leaders manage conflict of any kind—whether it’s between leaders, teams, stakeholders, clients, or any combination.

Gain insight and awareness

The ability to identify a conflict and understand how it is affecting you and your colleagues is the first step to resolving the conflict.

During our training, we provide leaders with:

  • the ability to recognize and understand different types of conflict
  • increased self-awareness of the positive impact they can have in conflict resolution
  • a better understanding of the relationship dynamics in their organization and team

Manage conflict effectively

When you have the psychological insight and skills to identify and approach a conflict in a rational and objective way, you’ll be able to mediate and resolve the conflict effectively.

Through our training, we also provide leaders with

  • a resolution model
  • practical tools to use when defusing conflict

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