Executive Presence Group Training

Learn with and from others, both in-person and virtually

Whether you’re a senior executive or a team member, your success is affected by your ability to respectfully contribute your opinion, lead with confidence, and inspire those around you — both virtually and in-person.

That is why it is important to work with coaches who have experience helping leaders maximize their potential. In our group training sessions, in addition to focusing on you as an individual, we utilize group learning to help you:

  • understand how you ‘show up’ in any interaction—virtually or in-person—by developing self-awareness regarding your communication style
  • gain insights into face-to-face and virtual interactions
  • identify both strengths and areas for improvement in your communication techniques
  • learn from others
  • eliminate distractions that may be undermining your message or leadership
  • communicate more succinctly and with greater impact

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A true professional is always learning and expanding their skill set. We offer training sessions in a variety of forms to help you and your people establish or improve an Executive Presence. Watch our videos and find out more about our sessions

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