Inventory Optimization

Because inventory costs make up a significant portion of the average company’s balance sheet, it’s clear that—if you hope to maximize your working capital—optimizing your inventory management process is critical. Of course, this is often easier said than done.

That’s why we’re here to help. At Farber, our specialized inventory optimization approach considers all facets of your inventory, supply chain management, logistics and demand planning strategies to help you avoid costly inventory mismanagement and extract value out of this vital asset class.

Inventory optimization system

Once you understand where your inventory vulnerabilities lie, we’ll leverage our expertise in logistics, supply chain management and demand planning to develop a clear, KPI-driven action plan to optimize your entire inventory system from start to finish. This inventory optimization system will focus on streamlining your organization’s demand planning, improving your ordering processes, establishing fluid safety stock and providing a proactive means to track stock-outs, potential stock-outs and surplus orders.

Supply chain costing evaluation

Recognizing that inventory isn’t static, we’ll also take time to uncover and understand any underlying supply chain issues that could prevent you from managing your inventory effectively in the future. Our team will thoroughly analyze your supply chain to identify and eliminate waste—whether it’s in the form of excess logistics costs (e.g., duties, materials or warehousing costs) or auxiliary/overhead costs (e.g., inventory optimization, administrative or campaign/incentives costs).