Meet Kirsten Stanger

Kirsten is a multifaceted individual whose life is filled with adventure and a diverse set of interests. While she thrives in her professional life at B. Riley Farber, there is much more to Kirsten than meets the eye. From her unique childhood in Liberia to her passion for yoga, theater, and travel, Kirsten embraces life’s vibrant tapestry and seeks to share her love for exploration and personal growth with her family and beyond.

Living Abroad in Liberia 

One of the most intriguing aspects of Kirsten’s life is her upbringing in Liberia, West Africa. As an expat child, she spent four transformative years in this lesser-known country. Although she was born in Montreal, Kirsten’s time in Liberia left an indelible mark on her. Living in a small, tight-knit, community she embraced a simple and outdoorsy lifestyle, immersing herself in the local culture and cherishing the close friendships she formed. This experience nurtured her deep appreciation for diversity, which she hopes to instill in her own children by exposing them to life abroad. 

Exploring the World and Creating Memories 

Wanderlust runs deep within Kirsten’s veins. Her time in Liberia unlocked her passion for travel and she relishes the opportunity to explore new destinations and different cultures. From solo trips across India to family adventures in Egypt and South Africa, Kirsten firmly believes that traveling offers invaluable experiences and broadens one’s perspective. And she’s in it for the long haul, preferring to immerse herself, long-term, in new environments rather than quick jaunts. She also dreams of future destinations like Vietnam and China and aims to instill a love for travel in her children—one trip at a time. 

Passion for Yoga and Wellness 

Seeking a way to decompress and find inner peace, Kirsten turns to yoga. Her passion for this ancient practice has led her to embark on frequent yoga trips, finding solace and rejuvenation through practicing yoga and meditation. Kirsten understands the importance of taking time for oneself, prioritizing mental and physical well-being. Through her journey, she continues to challenge herself, particularly with meditation, as she recognizes its potential for growth and self-discovery. 

Love for Theatrics 

The arts also holds a special place in Kirsten’s heart, with theater being a particular passion. She is a fervent advocate of exploring diverse theater productions, both big and small, that challenge her perspectives and ignite her imagination. From popular musicals like Les Misérables to smaller local productions, Kirsten embraces the unique storytelling and transformative experiences that theater offers. She recalls the awe-inspiring time she saw the acclaimed musical Hamilton on Broadway, where the electric atmosphere of the crowd heightened the overall experience.

Getting Jazzy with It 

Kirsten’s love for the arts extends to her diverse taste in music. She appreciates various genres, including jazz, where she finds inspiration from influential women in jazz like Ella Fitzgerald and Billie Holiday. Moreover, she holds a special fondness for Disney music, which never fails to bring a smile to her face and evoke cherished childhood memories. Kirsten tends to gravitate toward the Disney classics, but also embraces the newer stuff her kids grew up on like the Frozen series.  

Life at B. Riley Farber: 

A Director in B. Riley Farber’s Organizational & Talent Development practice, Kirsten joined the company full-time in December 2022. When asked about what she likes most about working at B Riley Farber, she emphasizes the authenticity and sincerity she has experienced, “The people here are genuine and really care about who you are. They care about how you’re doing and will be flexible when life happens,” she explains.   

She describes the culture as one that fosters intelligence, drive, and a hunger for growth. She notes, “While our various service lines operate in very different worlds (at times), everyone here shares the same tenacity, drive, and willingness to grow the business in a calculated and respectful manner.” 

All things considered, Kirsten’s unique background and upbringing brings fresh perspectives to the firm. Perspectives she hopes colleagues and clients will appreciate and learn from for years to come. 

To learn about how Kirsten can help transform your business, visit her professional profile to learn more!

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