Onboarding Coaching for Leaders

Coaching to help set you up for success in your new role​

You’ve landed your next career opportunity—congratulations!

Robust and personalized coaching for leaders

Our coaches will work closely with you to provide a customized and successful coaching experience—with a focus on fast-tracking your integration into the company, accelerating your credibility with key stakeholders, and expediting your ability to contribute and make an impact in your new role​.​

Sandra Boyd

Sandra Boyd

Tessa Desatnik

Tessa Desatnik


Program overview:

Phase 1: Executive Coaching (two one-hour sessions) ​

  • current role evaluation—challenges and opportunities​
  • behavioural assessment​
  • take-aways and action plan


Phase 2: Communication & Presence Coaching (two one-hour sessions) ​

  • establish understanding of needs and challenges within new role​
  • introduction and assessment ​
  • debrief and establish coaching targets​
  • take-aways and action plan

Seamless onboarding coaching will enable you to:

  • establish your leadership and credibility quickly by integrating effectively​
  • strengthen presence and communication in all interactions​
  • identify and build rapport with peers, C-suite, board members, influencers and other stakeholders​
  • make an immediate impact by focusing on your team and quick ROI wins​
  • understand the culture and structure of your new organization​
  • identify, manage, and mitigate potential blind spots

Our coaches provide:

  • a safe space to talk candidly about the challenges you’re facing – engaging a coach from outside of your organization is key, as they provide unbiased insight and ensure confidentiality​
  • a sounding board for overcoming challenges – a coaching relationship removes the isolation that many new leaders experience and provides a private forum to discuss initial challenges and explore solutions​
  • time to breathe – many new leaders are pressured to show how hard they’re working. Coaching conversations gives executives an opportunity to slow down and make sure they are being deliberate about their choices and priorities


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