Executive Presence One-on-One Coaching

Personal, tailored coaching to help you improve your Executive Presence, both virtually and in-person

Just as pro athletes still require coaching, no matter where you are in your career, a good coach can help you improve your communication and leadership skills.

In our one-on-one coaching sessions, we use proven approaches—such as video recording and targeted feedback—to help you improve your delivery style in all interactions. While we cover many facets of leadership communication, we focus on three main components:

  • visual communication. People who convey confidence and authority connect better with their audience. To engage your audience and eliminate any visual distractions while you speak, we’ll coach you in effective visual communication techniques that will profoundly impact leadership and connection
  • vocal leadership. The way you speak impacts your credibility and leadership, and even affects how your audience engages with and recalls your content. We’ll teach you how to use your vocal delivery to communicate unambiguously and authentically
  • verbal messaging. The structure of your presentation impacts how your audience receives and remembers your content. We’ll teach you how to decide what level of information to include, how to structure your content to engage your audience, and how to bolster your presentations with effective visual aids

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A true professional is always learning and expanding their skill set. We offer training sessions in a variety of forms to help you and your people establish or improve an Executive Presence. Watch our videos and find out more about our sessions.

Our Emotional Intelligence training will help you connect with your team members and customers

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Our Conflict Management training sessions are great for workshops

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