Strategic Options Analysis

Early action can maximize opportunity and value.

Working closely with buyers, sellers, lenders and other stakeholders to critically evaluate your options, assist in decision-making, and build strategies and plans that enhance value for all. Our strategic advice is founded on years of experience in corporate finance, restructuring and other financial disciplines.

Allan Nackan

Allan Nackan

Glenn Bowman

Glenn Bowman


A strategic alternatives analysis provides decision makers with a detailed overview of all available options to your company. Strategies identified may include, among others:

  • maintaining the status quo
  • acquisition of strategic targets
  • entering a joint venture
  • raising additional debt financing
  • raising additional equity financing
  • renegotiating agreements with existing stakeholders, including key suppliers and creditors
  • assessing operational initiatives, including cost cutting measures
  • selling your company, in whole or in part
  • adjusting dividend policy or share buyback policy

Gain clarity with A 360◦ review

A typical strategic alternatives report will include an objective overview of your company, a review of your current and forecasted financial position, a preliminary valuation analysis, along with possible strategic actions. We will also provide additional analysis to help you gain clarity—including leveraged buyouts, discounted cash flow, comparable companies, and weighted average cost of capital.

Uncovering opportunities based off feedback

The review process includes the collection of information from your company and public sources in addition to interviews and discussions with key stakeholders, including management, and the board of directors. We leave no stone unturned and ensure we come with targeted recommendations and options that will have positive effects on your company’s bottom line, shareholders, employees, and other interested parties.