The Annual Credit Review: Finding Opportunity in Obligation

May 10, 2022

While your company’s annual credit review may feel like a chore, there are proactive measures you can take to turn it to your advantage. With the re-emergence from the lockdowns and the likelihood…

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Operation Disrupt: How to Lead During a Crisis

September 28, 2020

Leadership is easy when nothing changes. However, change is constant and has the potential to be very disruptive to both your people and your business operations. Are you prepared to lead during a crisis? In…

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The Post-Pandemic Reboot

May 14, 2020

How do we prepare ourselves for the future of work when the future is suddenly here and wrought with uncertainty? While there are no concrete answers, one thing is certain; it's time to start…

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Managing Cash Conversion Cycle in a Post-COVID World

April 7, 2020

What does the cash conversion cycle (CCC) mean for businesses during the COVID-19 pandemic? Ian Brenner explains how companies are being affected and share three areas of focus when managing cash conversion during a…

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The World is Changing, Has Your Business Strategy?

March 31, 2020

What separates the truly innovative companies from the rest of the pack? It’s their ability to twist and turn when big changes hit the marketplace—whether anticipated or not. Hylton Levy and Ian Brenner…

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Three Things You Forgot Your Company Needed

October 24, 2019

Does a company with an articulated mission statement have a competitive advantage? What about a clear vision or core values? Most organizations have them; they’re well-worded and catchy, warm and fuzzy—and…

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Transitioning from Fortune 100 to Profit 100

March 19, 2019

Would you feel comfortable building a plane while flying it? Transitioning from a large company to a small-to-medium enterprise (SME) may seem like an easy opportunity to bring in your expertise and innovation…

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Bored Meetings: How to Increase Board Engagement

October 29, 2018

Are your board meetings downright boring? If so, you’re not alone. Many companies, both public and private, are having trouble stirring up board engagement. Ian Brenner offers some ideas on how to approach your…

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