Retail Restructuring: Not Always Doom and Gloom

July 24, 2019

The retail industry has seen a significant transformation over the past decade. While some companies have been able to pivot and survive, others have struggled to adapt to the new landscape—resulting in a long…

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Retail: How Lenders are Overcoming the Fear

October 16, 2018

The world of retail can be scary—especially from a lender’s perspective. Recently, many well-known retailers have closed-up shop and many more continue to struggle. Even before the current environment, lenders have…

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Do or Die: How to Win with a Digital Transformation

June 26, 2018

Follow the story of a Canadian company that pivoted away from a dying business model and leveraged existing capabilities through a digital transformation. Hint—it’s a mix of strategy, personnel, and technology. In the…

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