Meet Philip Evenden

Philip may be an accomplished wealth management professional, but family and community always comes first. He’s been happily married to his wife for over 40 years and is a proud father of four with 10 grandchildren in tow! If you’re wondering what he does in his spare time, it involves a lot of quality time with his growing family.

Giving back to the community

Philip also has a passion for giving back to his community. Since the age of 25, he has served on various boards and committees; from his church board to the local chamber of commerce where he held positions on several committees—ultimately serving on the board of directors. He also served five years on the board, including two years as Chair, of the Halton Learning Foundation. Working with local youth is also high on the priority list, “I do have a passion for mentoring. It doesn’t always have to be formal, but a casual coffee with mentees is a great way to offer advice and encouragement. It’s one thing I really love to do.”

Fitness in all forms

When he’s not mentoring youth, Philip tries his best to stay active. “I’ve really been into fitness since around age 30,” says Philip. “I had a buddy drop by to go for a run one day, and that got me into running some 10k races.” That led to a regular gym routine he’s managed to keep up over the years. He also loves golf but admits it’s more of the social aspect that’s attractive. “And I play hockey,” claims Philip, “but of course the pandemic shut that down for a while.” With hockey season right around the corner, hopefully he can get back into the action.

Travelling east and west

Philip’s had the opportunity to do a fair amount of travelling and he quite enjoys it. “We had family living in Germany, which led us to seeing France and Italy as well,” he explains. “The architecture is amazing.” A favourite for Philip was Greece. “In Paros, we fell in love with the food, weather and architecture,” he recalls. “And Athens has the history, the culture and fantastic people,” he adds. There are plans to go west, which could include trips to Calgary and Vancouver to see family, but also possibly Hawaii and Australia at some point. “Our 40th anniversary trip to Hawaii was scuttled last year, but we’ll take a rain check.”

Music in the family

Some might be surprised to learn that Philip comes from a musical family—with both of his parents being semi-pro musicians. “My dad was a trombone player and my mom was a violinist. They were both in groups and entertained crowds.” Philip learned piano when he was young but eventually gave it up. “It may be time to get into it, though,” he adds. Virtual piano lessons are all the rage these days, and Philip might turn to online learning so he can polish his skills and carry on the musical tradition.  

A wealth of support at B. Riley Farber

At Farber, Philip focuses on helping his entrepreneurial clients with advanced financial management solutions. “I’ve been an independent advisor for much of my career, but the team at B. Riley Farber provides the leverage through other offerings I wouldn’t have otherwise.” He describes the B. Riley Farber culture as caring and connected, “there’s a sense of integrity at the firm, and everyone applies their collective knowledge to put the client in a better position.” Doing what’s best for the client is so important to Philip and he’s delighted to know that these same values drive other B. Riley Farber professionals too.

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