Executive Career Transition

Focused and bespoke support for executives

As a business, there may be times when you have to cut ties with an executive on your team. These are the moments when your actions define your brand as an employer. Choosing the right partner to support career transition is critical.

A personal approach

When you refer an executive to us for career transition or outplacement support, you can be sure they will receive the personalized and professional attention they deserve.

Our team of coaches and advisors are senior-level practitioners who are experts in their field. Each leader we work with will be partnered with a coach who will create a program that is most valuable to them – ensuring their time and energy with us is spent effectively.

Sandra Boyd

Sandra Boyd

About our program

Our Executive Career Transition services leverage the candidate-centric approach of our Executive Search practice with the human-centered approach of our Organizational & Talent Development practice. This combination ensures that executives are guided through both the emotions and tasks associated with transition.

At our core, B. Riley Farber is a people-centric firm. We approach all of our work from this perspective, which means we work directly with executives to find the best approach to support their career transition, every step of the way.

Benefits for your organization:

  • protect your brand and culture
  • support your employees through the full cycle of their career journey
  • mitigate legal risk

Benefits for executives:

  • emotional support through transition
  • executive search support and networking opportunities
  • access to B. Riley Farber’s extensive network
  • improved leadership skills and self-awareness

Program components

Executives will work with an accredited Executive Coach to design a customized program that meets their unique needs. Our program ensures that leaders are able to engage and participate in a way that makes sense for them.

Elements of a customized program can include a combination of the following:

One-on-one support

  • leadership assessment and debrief
  • Executive Coaching
  • Presence Coaching
  • recruiter connect and advice
  • financial counsel
  • resume writing
  • digital presence
  • tailored networking introductions

Group and online experiences

  • educational seminars
  • networking events
  • access to B. Riley Farber’s Executive Transition Hub
  • inclusion in B. Riley Farber’s Executive Search database

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