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Your leadership team is experienced, knowledgeable and talented, but sometimes you need to bring in someone from outside your organization to engage with and train your people. We can help inspire your people to think differently and innovate, increase your employees’ emotional intelligence (EQ), or their ‘Executive Presence’. Throughout the process our engaging keynote speakers can help you craft the right keynote for your needs.  

Barry Pokroy

Barry Pokroy is the founder and leader of Circle & Square Inc. and a partner of Farber. 

Barry is a clinical psychologist and Founder and Leader of B. Riley Farber’s Organizational & Talent Development practice. He has in-depth knowledge of and experience in adapting the insights of psychological theory to the demands of the corporate environment.

Using his proprietary Circle & Square methodology, Barry provides comprehensive and insightful training and coaching sessions, helping participants apply core psychological principles to their professional and personal lives. He has experience in mid- to large- national businesses in a variety of industries.

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Tessa Desatnik

Tessa Desatnik

Tessa is a Director of B. Riley Farber’s Organizational & Talent Development practice. Her focus is on improving the communication skills and confidence of clients—including presentation skills, executive presence, vocal technique, and personal leadership.

With 28 years of experience as a communication and presentation skills consultant, Tessa has a systematic, comprehensive, and insightful approach to help individuals and teams develop self-awareness and communicate their expertise with leadership, clarity, and impact.

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Dave Stevens

Professional photo of Dave Stevens with white backgroundDave is a Consultant with B. Riley Farber’s Organizational & Talent Development practice. Grounded in the firm’s proprietary methodology, he focuses on leadership coaching, corporate training, and facilitation.

With experience ranging from psychology to project management and journalism, Dave brings a depth of knowledge to his training. He is passionate about helping people and teams access their full potential through promoting emotional intelligence and creativity.

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